Avoiding Neck and Back Surgery

Over the years we have kept many people from having to have spine surgery. If you struggle with severe lower back pain or neck pain and are considering having surgery, we have a therapy that is an absolute game changer for neck and back pain. This therapy is called spinal decompression. As the name suggests, spinal decompression decompresses the spine by stretching it out, which brings blood supply and nutrients into the discs and the nerves in the area, which helps them not only stay healthy but function optimally. This therapy helps with many conditions from generalized low back pain all the way to sciatica-like pain with the shooting, numbness, and tingling down the legs into the feet and neck/arm/hand syndrome. So if you have neck or back pain and you are curious about if this therapy can help, give us a call. We’ll set up an appointment for an evaluation, and we’ll give you the walkthrough of this amazing therapy that has helped so many people here in our office. 

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